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Proudly Serving the State of Florida for 30 years.

R.L. James, Inc. is a state certified General Contractor specializing in condominium exterior remediation projects which include: painting, waterproofing, sealants, stucco and concrete repair, impact window installation, aluminum guardrails and screen enclosures. We have completed well over 2,500 projects of various scopes in our harsh coastal environment since the company was founded in 1988.

The painting, concrete restoration and waterproofing industries have grown significantly over the past two decades in terms of engineering, methods, materials, and technology. R.L. James and Company have been there at every step, if not leading the way. In addition to experience in these industries, the resumes of our leadership include Commercial and Residential construction, Project Management, Property Management, Budgeting and Accounting, extensive knowledge of architectural glass and aluminum products, as well as Property Analysis, troubleshooting and the specification process. We have also worked with hundreds of property managers, structural engineers and architects.

Our market areas span across Southwest Florida, from to the Keys to Tampa Bay, the metro Orlando area, and along the East Coast of Florida from Jacksonville to West Palm Beach.

Although our methods and practice may range from conventional to elaborate, our approach is basic: the estimate must be accurate, the production must be efficient, the customer must be satisfied, and the quality must never be compromised.