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R.L. James, Inc. is a warranty approved applicator for most major manufacturers. The process begins with a complete evaluation of existing coatings and sealants, as well as conditions of the building that may affect coatings performance. A cursory report, scope of work, and specification proposal will be provided. General scope of work for an RLJ project is:

  • Pressure wash to remove surface contaminants, as well as chalked and marginally adhered coatings.
  • Application of surface-conditioner and primers, as needed.
  • Repair of cracks and installation of sealants.
  • Application of premium grade acrylic latex paints and/or elastomeric coatings.
  • Projects may also require application of waterproofing coatings systems to the floors of elevated walkways and lanais.

R.L. James, Inc. painting and waterproofing crews are proficient in, but not limited to:

  • Spraying with airless, cupgun and electrostatic.
  • Sealants such as acrylic latex, silicone, silicone extrusion, butyl, one and twopart polyurethanes, and drill and fill operations.
  • Sealant and glazing details; masonry to metal, masonry to masonry, glass to metal and metal to metal; and strip sealants.
  • Below grade waterproofing for foundation wall junctures, elevator pits and planters.
  • Decorative and waterproof urethane, epoxies and modified-cementitious flooring systems.
  • Plural-component architectural and industrial coatings.
  • High-build elastomeric and premium wall coatings.